Monday, October 18, 2004

Republican Family Values

So, today at work, this woman comes up to the counter with her young son (around 4 or 5?). She's wearing an F$U baby doll top with a button that says "The First Family" and has a picture of Dumbya and the lady who was stupid enough to marry him. (Hello, can you please be wearing anything else to make me dislike you more?!?!) Anyway, she says she's mailing a package to her mother. On the package are several Bush-Cheney stickers and she asks me if it's okay to mail such things. "It's a free country," I felt like replying. The son asks why she's mailing such a thing when grandma is for John Kerry. "It's just a joke," the mother replies. "Why does grandma like Kerry?" the kid later says, to no response from the mother. Finally, as I'm wrapping up the transaction, the kid says, "You know, I don't think I like grandma." Nice. Republican family values at thier finest. The citizens of Williston are doomed!

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