Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama rallies in Gainesville!

Alright, folks, as we sit around awaiting Barack Obama's text message about his VP choice, I figured I'd let everyone know about a couple local rallies for Obama coming up here in town:

1. This one I got today via text message: "Come rally for Obama with actor Kal Penn! (Sorry, never heard of him. --fs) Saturday from 6pm-8pm at Univ of FL in Rm 102 of Pugh Hall. Please fwd this msg"

2. Obama-Rama! It's Saturday, Sept. 9th from 10am-noon at Satchel's Pizza/Lightning Salvage. It's mostly stuff for the kiddies, but we'll go for the adult fun. Aiden should have some fun, too.

I hope to see you perhaps at both of these events. I'm not sure about going to event #1 tomorrow, but we'll certainly be at #2 since Satchel's is, like, a 3-minute drive from our place.

Go, gooooooBama!



Fred Sowder said...

I don't normally comment on my own blog, but I Googled Kal Penn and it turns out he's "Kumar" from the Harold & Kumar movies. Pretty cool. I may check out this event after all...

Mags said...

They are visiting all over Florida this weekend except for the West Coast of Florida.

Friday was Miami, Sat is UCF and UF and Sunday is FSU in Tallahassee.

I guess they have not heard of USF, New College, Ringling School of Art or any of the colleges here in the Sarasota/St Pete/Tampa Bay area.

I am bummed that we were overlooked!

Marnie said...

We look forward to seeing you at the Obama-rama tomorrow, Fred. Just wanted to let you know that the date was Saturday, September 6, so that no one gets confused (your post says the 9th). Thanks for the publicity. Should be a rip-roarin' event by the looks of things.--Marnie (one of the Obama-rama organizers)

Carol said...

Whoops! Obama-rama is this Saturday, Sept 6, not Sept 9. :) But thank you so much for publicizing! Gobama!