Wednesday, April 20, 2005


What an amazing evening. We just returned from The Top downtown where Jack Donovan pulled off an incredible victory against the incumbent City Commission shouter Tony Domenech in District 3. Dems from far and wide came downtown to celebrate and a good time was had by all. On his way out this evening, Jack said to us, "Keep in touch. This was a group effort and will continue to be a group effort." Amen!

I started the day out signwaving for Jack on the corner of NW 34th Street and 16th Avenue. Although I was severely outgunned, Tony's supporters arrived late and left early. Such lukewarm support was evident with the motorists' reactions as well. Tony himself showed up briefly with a staple gun to staple some "vote today" signs to his existing campaign placards. He nearly got run over by an SUV in the left turn lane as he attempted to run back to his truck...

This was indeed a victory for Gainesville's grassroots. I believe Donovan truly realizes this. It can only appear to be a bit lonely in the Braddy camp these days - and a bit shameful in Bryant's. Sure, Rick's may still be flying high after his outright victory last month, but how long can that last once the reality of his backing the wrong horses truly sets in?

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