Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Brinkman and Thrall are out; Donovan vs. Domenech in a runoff...

Well, after signholding earlier in the week, I survived a horrible bout of wretching and puking after DJing the Greater Gator Beer Festival in the pouring rain for 3+ hours. Today was the first time I called in sick in over 3 years! Stumbling out of bed to check the election results this evening didn't help matters at all. Rick Bryant won the at-large election with an unbelievable 50.5% of the vote, avoiding a runoff with Rob Brinkman or Diyonne McGraw. The most right-wing member of the City Commission, Ed Braddy, squeaked by challenger Grant Thrall as well (there was no change of a runoff here with only two candidates). One beacon of hope, though, was Jack Donovan going toe to toe with Tony Domenech to force the only runoff. I was pretty undecided on this race, but I've now thrown my full support behind Jack Donovan. Jack is more of what we need on the commission: a compassionate, listening voice that will listen to the concerns of ALL of Gainesville's citizens. Tony Domenech seems to be putting a lot of effort into courting the UF frat-boy vote. Did anyone tell him that students in this town rarely vote? Apparently not. Just keep going after those non-voters, Tony. Great job!

One last thought on Rob Brinkman's campaign: one bit that probably cost him the runoff was his decision to piggyback all of his campaign streetcorner signs with the NO NEW COAL PLANT signs. I signwaved extensively for Rob, but I was seen my most people as nothing more than a protester and not a campaigner. It's not my campaign, though, so who am I to say? The coal plant is an important issue for this city, but not one that should dominate to the point where it should be placed ABOVE your own campaign sign, IMNSHO. I'm tired at this point, but I did help Jack a bit monetarily on his campaign. Go Jack! Make us proud on April 19th!

Back to soup and saltines...ugh!

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