Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Joining the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee

This country is going down the wrong road -- it's as simple as that. The radio industry, which I had grown up enjoying and striving for as my lifelong career, is in ruins. Corporate interests have taken such a stranglehold on the wireless medium that forms of governmental dissent can be construed as "profane" or "indecent" and be grounds for dismissal. The age of widespread format experimentation is long since dead. Time has come to stand up and take action! That is why I'm joining the ACDEC with my induction this evening. One of my immediate goals is to work with their Issues Committee on a report on the current state of corporate and independent media as well as to help the Civic Media Center get its low power FM (LPFM) radio station off the ground. There's much more to address than this, of course, including the bastardization of the judiciary and Social Security. Now is when the hardest work needs to be done. Good luck to us!

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