Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Enablers Rock opening for AVAIL!

To thine own ruin be true!

The above is the credo for the mighty Enablers! Last night, they played Common Grounds Coffeehouse on a Spring Break weeknight when the rest of downtown Gainesville was desolate. The Enablers kicked out the jams (muthafucka!) with a great set, now featuring former guitarist Addison Burns (ex-Quit) on drums and bass. Also setting the fine vocal tone was Rob Coe (ex-Cell 63/Fay Wray/Naughty Puritans), who is rumored to be considering making Gainesville his home. (Can'tcha hear the buzz?)

Shame is that The Enablers should've been second on the bill. That dubious distinction instead went to the lukewarm Lucero, whose bassist looked so catatonic that it seemed as if he were ready to keel over at any time. Finally came the feature presentation: Richmond, VA's own AVAIL! These guys were great - lots of energy and hijinx onstage which resulted in a large mass of folk surging, pogoing, and otherwise having a slammin' good time at the front of the stage. On my way back from work this morning, I saw the AVAIL van and trailer pulling out onto 441 heading north. Safe travels, guys. Rob, call or email me, dammit!

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