Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Satellite: Brinkman, Thrall, Donovan, and Belle shine

Well, well, well...

While at the forementioned show at Common Grounds, I picked up the brand spankin' new copy of Satellite Magazine. As a part of Rob Brinkman's campaign, I was instantly drawn to the article on the Gainesville City Commission candidates. To no one's surpise, Rick Bryant declined to participate in the questioning posed by the magazine. To my disappointment, Tony Domenech did as well. To my amazement, Ed Braddy did respond, but probably did himself more harm than good by doing so.

All candidates were in favor of changing the 2am alcohol cutoff and bar closing time that is foolishly being enforced (except for Braddy, of course!). All candidates were also in favor of GRU examining all posibilities on a new power plant before a plan is put into action (except for Braddy...surprise!). All candidates were also in favor of holding Wal-Mart's feet to the fire before giving them any concessions involving park land in northwest Gainesville in exchange for building a supercenter in the economically-strapped east side of town. Oh yeah...there was one candidate that was basically in favor of giving Mall Wort whatever it wanted - how many guesses do you need as to who that was?

Overall, I'm still glad that I'm not voting in the Domenech/Donovan/Belle race. I respect all three (3) candidates running there, albeit for totally different reasons. I will probably attend Jack Donovan's little party this weekend, nonetheless, particularly since the other 2 candidates haven't contacted me regarding their activities. The other 2 races (Braddy/Thrall and Bryant/Brinkman/"Gabriel"/McGraw -- see recommendations below) are no-brainers, although I believe Diyonne McGraw would be a quality City Commissioner if she simply possessed more resources.

Finally, tonight is the meetup for Democracy For America, the organization founded by DNC chair Howard Dean, at 7pm at Virtually Cuban. An ex-coworker of mine, Carlos Camejo, runs the place and makes some great Cuban dishes that makes you think you never left Miami. See you there!

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