Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barack Obama: the next Howard Dean

Many may wonder why I still denounce and condemn (by the way, Hillary, that's 100%, by the way!) the mainstream media. I'm personally very proud to be involved with grassroots local media such as WGOT and The Satellite magazine. What the mainstream media have become is completely shameful!

This past Monday, Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave a press conference before the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Why he chose this past week to surface at events like this one or on PBS with Bill Moyers is certainly debatable, but I can't see where he necessarily gave any revelations that we may not have known already.

The mainstream media certainly doesn't see it this way. After Monday's proceedings by Rev. Wright, they suddenly proclaimed that Wright was "throwing Obama under the bus" without as much as an explanation why. I immediately recalled the evening of the Iowa caucus four years ago, when Howard Dean rallied his troops with Senator Tom Harkin in tow. Although John Kerry won that evening, Dean vowed to fight on, rattling off a littany of states that had upcoming primaries or caucuses. Then it came: the "scream." The recording that was aired by the media a thousand times was from his isolated microphone without a hint of crowd noise. The truth was that that rally was so loud that you could barely hear yourself think. When you're trying to talk over such a mob, you sometimes overcompensate by screaming. What should have simply been an enthusiastic "yeah!" after naming out many of our states instead became Dean's albatross, constantly being thrown back in his face for no logical reason. "Oh, he's a screamer. That makes him totally unelectable!"


Jeremiah Wright is quickly becoming Barack Obama's albatross. After floating countless other balloons such as his choice, or lack thereof, of lapel pins, his childhood in the largest Muslim country in the world (Indonesia), or his audacity of not putting his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance (Although the picture in question was during the Star Spangled Banner - don't try to confuse the American public with the facts! Just tell us when American Idol's on.), the media and other so-called "objective" parties in this primary race have finally found a story into which they can sink their teeth. Even Keith Olbermann, whose opinion I normally respect, has even jumped on this bandwagon.

I'm not even going to delve into how transparent this media move is to me. Just let me say that I told you so. When we're stuck in an endless hundred-year war in Iraq, staring $200-a-barrel gas straight in the face, and bearing witness to widespread food, energy, and financial crises that we can only begin to imagine, don't come crying to me!

If the media has their way, all of these "committed" and superdelegates will now go running to Hillary Clinton to give her the nomination. If you don't think this is the Republican National Committee's wet dream, think again. Only someone as divisive as Hillary Clinton will turn out the Republican base in droves in this election. It's true that this is the Democrat's election to lose this time, but thanks to the mainstream media, they're well on their way to blowing things on a grand scale.

So, keep up the Jeremiah Wright witch hunt, CNN. Keep on expounding on how irresponsible Barack Obama is by having such a pastor, MSNBC. You're doing nothing but sending this country to the wolves.

I'm SO looking forward to taking out a second mortgage every time I fill up my gas tank. Thanks a million!

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