Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Incessant rain and pricey gas: welcome to summer in Gainesville!

Well, thankfully, Barack Obama was not the next Howard Dean. We got back from a roadtrip on the 4th of July weekend up to the in-laws' place in southern Indiana. This was the first time being on the road after an unexpected trip to California to witness my mother's death, so I was really looking forward to this. One thing we immediately noticed this time was a distinct lack of cars on the road. When are people going to get pissed off enough to get off their asses and protest? I've done plenty of it the past 7+ years and I'm tired. Not even the people I most closely know participate in picketing actions. Oh well, guess we've made our bed...

Speaking of which, I received an interesting email from a relative yesterday that supposedly contained an essay from Lee Iacocca, the former CEO of Chrysler. As I writer, my BS detector went off shortly after reading it when the tone of the essay suddenly changed. I wish I still had the email so I could paste it below and you can see how quickly the tone changed, but as soon I found out it was a fake, I angrily deleted it, so alas it is gone. After correctly reproducing the essay, it suddenly takes a turn to the right, bashing a "liberal senator" who is running for president. Un-effing-believable! It did give me the idea to read the REAL essay on the air last night on my radio show, though. If you're interested in Mr. Iacocca's REAL deal, click here.

The rain is continuing to fall on an almost daily basis. Don't get me wrong -- I refuse to complain since it's better than the alternative, but it sure makes things hard to get a barbeque started. We have ribs in the fridge that can wait until this weekend at the latest. Hopefully they can be cooked much sooner than that.

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