Monday, February 14, 2005

DD for V-Day: not as bad as you'd think.

Well, my wife and I got back from Jacksonville last night, exactly one week after Super Sunday, where we went to see Duran Duran at the Jacksonville Veteran's Arena. This was the Valentine's Day gift she wanted, so that made my life easy. I did forget my earplugs, because as I predicted, the women in the audience put forth the loudest shrieks they could muster once the band took the stage. Not only that, but a groups of women on the arena floor were waving a sign that said "Moms Gone Wild." Wow.

While not as entertaining as last month's excellent Camper Van Beethoven show at Common Grounds, the Durannies were not as bad as I thought. Yes, they were HUGE teen idols back in the day, but they can actually play their instruments. They're real musicians! If anyone's still in the dark as to why the music biz is in such horrible shape these days, just compare the current "hot" acts to these guys. There's really no contest for quality here. Clive Davis, are you listening?

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