Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Brinkman and Thrall are out; Donovan vs. Domenech in a runoff...

Well, after signholding earlier in the week, I survived a horrible bout of wretching and puking after DJing the Greater Gator Beer Festival in the pouring rain for 3+ hours. Today was the first time I called in sick in over 3 years! Stumbling out of bed to check the election results this evening didn't help matters at all. Rick Bryant won the at-large election with an unbelievable 50.5% of the vote, avoiding a runoff with Rob Brinkman or Diyonne McGraw. The most right-wing member of the City Commission, Ed Braddy, squeaked by challenger Grant Thrall as well (there was no change of a runoff here with only two candidates). One beacon of hope, though, was Jack Donovan going toe to toe with Tony Domenech to force the only runoff. I was pretty undecided on this race, but I've now thrown my full support behind Jack Donovan. Jack is more of what we need on the commission: a compassionate, listening voice that will listen to the concerns of ALL of Gainesville's citizens. Tony Domenech seems to be putting a lot of effort into courting the UF frat-boy vote. Did anyone tell him that students in this town rarely vote? Apparently not. Just keep going after those non-voters, Tony. Great job!

One last thought on Rob Brinkman's campaign: one bit that probably cost him the runoff was his decision to piggyback all of his campaign streetcorner signs with the NO NEW COAL PLANT signs. I signwaved extensively for Rob, but I was seen my most people as nothing more than a protester and not a campaigner. It's not my campaign, though, so who am I to say? The coal plant is an important issue for this city, but not one that should dominate to the point where it should be placed ABOVE your own campaign sign, IMNSHO. I'm tired at this point, but I did help Jack a bit monetarily on his campaign. Go Jack! Make us proud on April 19th!

Back to soup and saltines...ugh!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

We survived the Big Apple

Finally, a well-deserved vacation! We spent it chilling out in the Big City. Much thanks to Lenny for putting us up for a few nights, as well as to Michael, Dorothy, Jason, Dave, Rachael, etc., for being fine hosts on our trip. We got to see the Gators both win and lose in the first and second rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, respectively (at Buster's Garage). Later, we met the infamous Barry at the Nancy Whiskey Bar, locaed in Tribeca, down from the Garage. We hung out largely in the East Village, but also in Brooklyn Heights, Tribeca, Union Square, SoHo, Chinatown, and Riverside. Thanks for Jack Price for giving us the heads up on NYC's only Chilean restaurant, Palmaire. Phenomenal food, plus the infamous drink the Pisco Sour. We were also treated to a fine Peruvean restaurant in Brooklyn by Michael and Dorothy (you guys are too kind!). It was also nice to see our good friend Edward again, albeit for a quick meetup at the Union Square Barnes & Noble and dinner at The Kiev (yes, the same one mentioned in King Missile's "Detachable Penis!").

Witnessing the insanity of the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade was unforgettable, too. We got plenty of pictures, including the pipes and drums from County Cork for Shauna. We'll share the memories and photos with her soon at her bar Durty Nelly's, I'm sure.

Every time I visit New York City, I feel like a belong there more and more. Hey Danny Goldberg, please a seasoned radio veteran a gig with Air America already!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Medeski, Martin and Wood play a gigantic tin-can shithole!

Yes, Michelle and I went back to Brick Shitty, er, City Music Hall for the first time in nearly 3 years last night to see the great Medeski, Martin & Wood. The musicianship was top-notch as usual. However, it was not really surprising that the venue remains one of the biggest shitholes on the PLANET!

The security still thinks they're working at a Washington Avenue South Beach club. They got the rolled-up black t-shirts, the whole nine yards. Yeah, buddy, you really look authoritative! Schmucks! Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies was right: that club continues to hit new lows in lack of class and quality. The ownership seems to change constantly, but the crap just stays the same. A message for the Gainesville Planning & Zoning Board: either see if you can bring back Skeeter's Big Biscuit to that building or have it condemned and demolished. You'd be doing the whole downtown landscape a HUGE favor!

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Wow, what a game! Pete, Nancy, Kai, Michelle and I caught the game from Gators Dockside. We had a ringside seat by the big screen for a very memorable 70-53 Gator victory over the Kentucky Wildcats. Matt Walsh was on fire, David Lee dominated like the senior that he is, and Peep (Anthony Roberson), Corey Brewer, and Al Horford played vital supporting roles in this bit of roundball perfection. Now the big dance looms. Looks like we'll be checking out the first and second rounds from a bar in the Big Apple. NYC, here we come! Mahalo.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Broward Supports, Miami-Dade Rejects Pari-mutuel slot machines

Being the social darwinist that I am on many related issues, I applaud the voters of Broward County for supporting this measure. Dade County, however, looks as if it will continue to shoot itself in the foot when it comes to further developing their primary industry of tourism...

Joining the Alachua County Democratic Executive Committee

This country is going down the wrong road -- it's as simple as that. The radio industry, which I had grown up enjoying and striving for as my lifelong career, is in ruins. Corporate interests have taken such a stranglehold on the wireless medium that forms of governmental dissent can be construed as "profane" or "indecent" and be grounds for dismissal. The age of widespread format experimentation is long since dead. Time has come to stand up and take action! That is why I'm joining the ACDEC with my induction this evening. One of my immediate goals is to work with their Issues Committee on a report on the current state of corporate and independent media as well as to help the Civic Media Center get its low power FM (LPFM) radio station off the ground. There's much more to address than this, of course, including the bastardization of the judiciary and Social Security. Now is when the hardest work needs to be done. Good luck to us!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

City Commission Candidate Budgets, Round 1

It's all about the benjamins, baby!

City Commission, District 2:

Ed Braddy (I) $9,978.00 raised $2,191.76 spent
Grant Thrall $6,423.54 raised $2,702.72 spent

City Commission, District 3:

Tony Domenech (I) $8,895.00 raised $ 259.25 spent
Jack Donovan $7,326.25 raised $1,568.91 spent
Michael Belle $6,272.97 raised $2,356.17 spent

City Commission, At-Large
Rick Bryant (I) $11,941.38 raised $2,079.87 spent
Rob Brinkman $8,085.50 raised $2,365.30 spent
Diyonne McGraw $2,613.84 raised $860.60 spent
"Gabriel" N/A raised N/A spent (what an enigma!)


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Satellite: Brinkman, Thrall, Donovan, and Belle shine

Well, well, well...

While at the forementioned show at Common Grounds, I picked up the brand spankin' new copy of Satellite Magazine. As a part of Rob Brinkman's campaign, I was instantly drawn to the article on the Gainesville City Commission candidates. To no one's surpise, Rick Bryant declined to participate in the questioning posed by the magazine. To my disappointment, Tony Domenech did as well. To my amazement, Ed Braddy did respond, but probably did himself more harm than good by doing so.

All candidates were in favor of changing the 2am alcohol cutoff and bar closing time that is foolishly being enforced (except for Braddy, of course!). All candidates were also in favor of GRU examining all posibilities on a new power plant before a plan is put into action (except for Braddy...surprise!). All candidates were also in favor of holding Wal-Mart's feet to the fire before giving them any concessions involving park land in northwest Gainesville in exchange for building a supercenter in the economically-strapped east side of town. Oh yeah...there was one candidate that was basically in favor of giving Mall Wort whatever it wanted - how many guesses do you need as to who that was?

Overall, I'm still glad that I'm not voting in the Domenech/Donovan/Belle race. I respect all three (3) candidates running there, albeit for totally different reasons. I will probably attend Jack Donovan's little party this weekend, nonetheless, particularly since the other 2 candidates haven't contacted me regarding their activities. The other 2 races (Braddy/Thrall and Bryant/Brinkman/"Gabriel"/McGraw -- see recommendations below) are no-brainers, although I believe Diyonne McGraw would be a quality City Commissioner if she simply possessed more resources.

Finally, tonight is the meetup for Democracy For America, the organization founded by DNC chair Howard Dean, at 7pm at Virtually Cuban. An ex-coworker of mine, Carlos Camejo, runs the place and makes some great Cuban dishes that makes you think you never left Miami. See you there!

The Enablers Rock opening for AVAIL!

To thine own ruin be true!

The above is the credo for the mighty Enablers! Last night, they played Common Grounds Coffeehouse on a Spring Break weeknight when the rest of downtown Gainesville was desolate. The Enablers kicked out the jams (muthafucka!) with a great set, now featuring former guitarist Addison Burns (ex-Quit) on drums and bass. Also setting the fine vocal tone was Rob Coe (ex-Cell 63/Fay Wray/Naughty Puritans), who is rumored to be considering making Gainesville his home. (Can'tcha hear the buzz?)

Shame is that The Enablers should've been second on the bill. That dubious distinction instead went to the lukewarm Lucero, whose bassist looked so catatonic that it seemed as if he were ready to keel over at any time. Finally came the feature presentation: Richmond, VA's own AVAIL! These guys were great - lots of energy and hijinx onstage which resulted in a large mass of folk surging, pogoing, and otherwise having a slammin' good time at the front of the stage. On my way back from work this morning, I saw the AVAIL van and trailer pulling out onto 441 heading north. Safe travels, guys. Rob, call or email me, dammit!